Suriname Due to Become Latest South American Nation to Waive Visas for Russians

The talks officially started in September 2016 to increase trade between the two countries.

Suriname and Russia are strengthening their diplomatic ties as they prepare to sign a series of economic and military agreements, including a special travel deal.

According to CaribFlame, the Russian Latin American Department director, Alexandr Schetinin, said an “agreement on visa-free travel for citizens is about to be signed and after we sign it with Suriname, all of South America will become a visa-free space for Russian nationals.”

Suriname’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Yldiz Pollack-Beighle, will travel to Moscow later this month to discuss the details.

Schetinin added, “The military cooperation agreement is also ready and the members of the ministry of defence are ready to sign it in the near future.”

The two countries already signed a bilateral pact, but they didn’t offer any further information on its content.

The talks officially started in September 2016 to increase trade.

They also agreed to cooperate within the United Nations and the Union of South American Nations, UNASUR.

Suriname is the only South American country where Russia does not have an established embassy. The nation has been encouraging Moscow to open a mission in Paramaribo.

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